HI! I am Mansoor Abdulhak

Assistant Professor

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Who Am I ?

About Me

With a profound passion for software engineering and education cultivated over 15 years, my journey into this dynamic field was sparked during my master's studies in real-time software engineering. Building on my foundation in computer applications, I delved deeper into academia, earning a Ph.D. after gaining hands-on experience as a software engineer for a couple of years.
Beyond my professional pursuits, I am happily married to a wonderfully supportive wife, though we have yet to welcome any little ones into our lives.

What I Do ?

My Service
My teaching Philosophy

gReAt mInDs dIsCuSs iDeA: As a seasoned educator, I believe in the transformative power of education. I encourages critical thinking and creativity in the classroom (I don't forget to have fun in my classes).

My Service Philosophy

dArE tO eNvIsIoN gReAtEr HoRiZoNs: As a seasoned professional in software engineering, I am here to offer guidance and expertise for both undergraduate and graduate Projects.

My Consulting Philosophy

cRaFt YoUr ToMoRrOw. ToDaY: With a background in software engineering since 2004, I've been a consultant for both industry and government projects. I am engaged in imparting valuable training sessions.

My Research Philosophy

I am currently in a teaching position with occupied teaching hours. I am open to supervising self-funded graduate candidates. If you are interested, include the phrase 'Self Funded' in the subject of your email.

What I Teach ?

My Courses

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Contact Me

Email: m.hak@ou.edu
Phone: (405) 325-5408
Office: Devon Energy Hall, 234
110 W. Boyd St.
Norman, OK 73019